Smartphone with Blackjack


As a UX designer at the Stars Group, I was presented with the challenge to redesign the classic Blackjack game played by more than 100k players, and make it a more enjoyable experience for players.

What wasThe Problem?

Weak mobile support and accessibility

The Casino Lobby is experienced by many players in portrait mode. However, they were forced to switch to landscape to play the game.


Created support for portrait mode and improved usability

Unnecessary waiting periods and boredom

Blackjack is intended to be dynamic and fast. Waiting on other player's decisions was affecting the game experience negatively.


Limited blackjack table seats from five to three.

Outdated user interface and table elements

The previous Blackjack was created almost 10 years ago using outdated interface elements and needed a proper redesign to stay up to date.


New look and feel and the entire UI was redesigned.

What was the
Design Process?

Smartphone with Blackjack

Understanding the Audience

In order to redesign Blackjack, the first step I took empathise with the players, and understand the targeted audience and the type of public I was designing for.

Connor Clarke

Police Officer

Connor is 32 years old, likes to play Blackjack games occasionally for a chance to win

Jane O'Brien

Head of Marketing

Jane is 40 years old, is a busy person, and plays Blackjack to relax after work

Joshua Smith

Product Manager

Brian is 28 years old, is an avid Poker player, and plays Blackjack when he wants a break from Poker

Exploration and Definition

My second step involved a competitor analysis and defining the main pain points to work in the new Blackjack Version.

Wireframing & Prototyping

After having enough information and a clear focus I started to build the wireframes that after many iterations and prototypes became the final idea for the design.

Designing the User Interface

With the final wireframes defined, I have started to solidify the idea and create the final user interface with the game icons, table felt and colours.

Design Guidelines

By defining and creating different game scenarios, I have used animations and image sequences to portray user interactions in Blackjack. These creations helped the development team with the direction they need to implement a seamless user experience.

Edge Cases and Quality

Through the development of the game, I have maintained support and open communication to ensure final quality and provide needed assets, animations a guidance for edge cases and overall design implementation.

Faster Gameplay

The average time players spend waiting on other players has reduced by approximately 4 seconds.

Clean Design

The main words our players used to define the new Blackjack design was "clean", "easy" and "simple" and one of the main reasons they choose to play with us.

Portrait Mode

User were very satisfied to have portrait mode, and now more than half of the players are using it as their main play mode.

To Improve

  • Deeper user insights on research phase.
  • Keep track of the performance of new features.
  • Beware of the "feature creep".

Thank you!

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